Tree trimming needs to be performed regularly to encourage healthy growth, minimize safety & liability concerns, and maintain the visual appearance of the tree(s) and property. 

Factors such as tree age, type of tree, branch diameter, dormant season, branch angle, etc… must be considered when determining how and when to trim or prune a tree.  To ensure that the services we provide comply with standards, Sampson Tree Service employs certified arborists.

Trimming a tree properly promotes the healthy development and growth of the tree.  At a minimum, you should remove damaged limbs to help prevent decay & fungi buildup and thin canopies to allow airflow and sunlight through the tree(s).

We also offer preventative tree storm services can include the removal of dead and broken limbs, cutting branches back from the roof, and the thinning of canopies.  Taking action before a strong wind situation occurs reduces the chance of hazards and limits potential liability.

Sampson Tree Service has been providing tree trimming services to commercial, municipal, and residential properties for over 24 years.  We currently service the eastern coast of South & Central Florida.  This includes the Treasure Coast, Space Coast, Gold Coast, and the surrounding areas.

A professional tree trimming by Sampson Tree Service is done in accordance with standards and in compliance with any local and/or state guidelines (if applicable).  In addition, we ensure that the area of work is cleaned up immediately following completion and remove any debris from the site.

We are fully licensed & insured and safety for your safety and ours!

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