Trimming trees on a regular basis encourages healthy growth, minimizes safety & liability concerns, and maintains the visual appearance of the tree(s) and property.

Factors such as tree age, type of tree, branch diameter, dormant season, branch angle, etc… should all be considered when deciding how and when to trim or prune a tree in a manner that will stimulate proper tree development.

Preventative storm thinning, removal of dead and/or broken limbs, and keeping branches clear of roofs and homes are some of the measures that can be taken to reduce the chance of hazards and limit potential liability.

A professional tree trimming by Sampson Tree Service Co. includes the removal of damaged limbs to help prevent decay and fungi buildup. The work performed is designed to allow in airflow & sunlight which will help stabilize the tree during a storm while providing more sunlight to the surrounding area.

TREE Removal

(Invasive, Exotic, Hazardous)

A tree(s) may need to be removed for a variety of reasons including disease, safety, damage to surrounding property, or simply the end of a tree’s lifespan.

While we do not enjoy removing a tree, it is a necessary part of arboriculture which Sampson Tree Service feels should be executed with extreme caution for the safety of the workers, property occupants, and surrounding structures.

Whether you are dealing with a tree that is invasive, exotic, hazardous or simply an eye sore Sampson’s professional arborist can work with you to safely remove the tree(s) without damaging the surrounding structures and landscaping.


Sampson Tree Service has the equipment and knowledge to handle any debris removal or hauling project you may encounter. Whether you are a construction company who needs site clean-up, a property manager in need of debris removal, or a homeowner removing yard debris we can provide the debris removal services you need.

Our debris removal and hauling services include but are not limited to the following items:

  • Shrubbery – Bushes
  • Tree Trimmings
  • Wooden Pallets
  • Mulch


When a tree falls or is removed you may be left with an unattractive tree stump that has the potential of becoming a home for termites and pests, damaging lawn equipment, or becoming a hazard to people walking in the area.

Sampson Tree Service is equipped to grind the remaining stump in order to restore the surface of your yard. We can grind your stump 4- 6 inches below the ground level leaving an area ready for you to fill with sod or top soil.   After grinding we will leave the remaining chips as a mulch cover.  


Sampson Tree Service is equipped and ready to assist you with your residential, commercial, or municipal property trees before and after a storm or strong wind situation.

Before a hurricane or storm, we can trim your trees in a manner that allows maximum air flow which will minimize the chance of a tree falling.

After the hurricane or storm, we can assess tree damage, create a plan of action, and swiftly take action to get any trees or debris issues on your property remedied.

Contact us prior to a storm and get signed up for our emergency response services which will have a representative on your property within 24 hours after the storm passes, even if phone and internet services are not available.

Mangrove Services

Mangroves are an important ecological component in Florida. They serve as a nursery for fish, their dense underground roots help bind soils, their above ground roots slow water flows and promote sediment deposits which minimize coastal erosion. There are three types of native mangroves in Florida: red, black, and white. Each species reacts differently to trimming and if done incorrectly can result in their death.

Because of their importance, mangroves are protected by Florida Statute 403, which provides strict regulations for their maintenance and removal. These regulations often require a permit be obtained for mangrove work to be done and all removal permits require that the work be done by a PMT (Professional Mangrove Trimmer).

The professionals at Sampson Tree Service have the knowledge, equipment, and qualified personnel to handle any mangrove situation. Contact Us today to ensure that any mangrove work is done in accordance with Florida Statutes and in a manner that promotes their health.

Forestry Mulching

Forestry mulching equipment can safely clear your property and leave behind a layer of protective mulch. Sampson Tree Service can handle the large or small jobs.  We can make your wooded acreage look like a beautiful park, removing unwanted overgrown vegetation while leaving the larger desirable trees. Give us a call to arrange an estimate. 

Bush Hogging

Bush hogging is the process to clear small trees, heavy grass and small shrubs from a piece of land.   This is often part of the process when preparing land for development, farming, hunting and a variety of other purposes.  

Sampson Tree Services utilizes the latest equipment and technology.  Our Green Climbers can mow or mulch any area with no damage to the terrain unlike the larger tractors or pull behind mowers.   We can cut through any forested or heavily vegetated area creating a nice walk path or hunting path.  

Contact us to discuss your needs.  


Florida has multiple land types in which maintenance is regulated by state or local government guidelines. Many of these guidelines require that invasive plant materials (noxious weeds) be removed on a regular basis while still preserving the native species in their existing state. Some of the land types that there are guidelines for include but are not limited to:

Uplands: Lands that have an elevation above the mean high-water line. These lands can include, but are not limited to, hardwood & pine forests, prairies, rangelands, and rock lands.

Wetlands: Lands that have an elevation which sits below the mean high-water line. These lands are saturated by surface water for durations of time that support vegetation which grow in saturated soils.

Preserves: Geographical areas being maintained in their natural state for the protection of animals and plants.

Sampson Tree Service has the knowledge to ensure that maintenance of these lands is done in accordance with government guidelines and ordinances.Contact Us today to get a free estimate for maintaining an environmental area.

Commercial or Municipal Tree Services

Sampson Tree Service has been the primary tree service for the City of Port Saint Lucie and Saint Lucie County For several years.  We are proud to also serve a comprehensive tree service to several HOA and/subdivisions in the area.  We ready to meet with you to discuss tree service needs for your business, corporation, HOA and/or subdivision.   We will keep the trees around your business or subdivision looking beautiful and well-manicured year around.

Sampson Tree Service are also experts in canal maintenance, using our Green Climber technology, we are able to navigate the canals without doing damage to the terrain and keep them free of any overgrowth vegetation.   Call now to schedule an appointment for an estimate. 

Other Services

Sampson Tree Service experts are very willing to help problem solve even the most challenging vegetation/forestry needs. No request for our services is ignored. We are happy to meet with you to discuss options. We are here to help. Such services as: 

  • Site Clean Up & Debris Removal
  • Excavation
  • Canal Clean Up & Maintenance
  • Cutting Firebreaks & Access Lanes
  • Forest & Tree Thinning
  • Land Management & Pasture Renovation
  • Property, Fence, & Survey Line Clearing
  • Retention Pond Clearing
  • Trail & Path Clearing
  • Heavy Bush Hogging
  • Wildlife Habitat Maintenance
  • Utility Easement Maintenance
  • Road Right of Way