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Sampson Tree Service has been providing professional tree trimming, tree removal, lot clearing, debris hauling, stump grinding, forestry mulching, mangrove maintenance, certified arborist services and many other services to residential, commercial, and municipal customers on the Treasure Coast of Florida for over 31 years. 

Tree Removal
Tree Removal


We all love trees and while they are beneficial to our environment and beautiful in our landscaping, sometimes they must be removed.  As trees age, many factors can contribute to their state of health. These factors include environmental stress, diseases, insect infestations, improper pruning and other conditions that can weaken the tree structure. 

Our professionally trained staff can help determine the most effective way to remove your tree safely and leave no trace of our presence.  Contact Sampson Tree Service for a free estimate!

Land & Lot Clearing

If you need to clear undeveloped land, Sampson Tree Service has the knowledge and equipment to get the job done!  We are equipped to handle any clearing project you are faced with and can haul the debris away.  Customers have used our clearing services for a variety of reasons, including but not limited to:

– Foliage Overgrowth
– Development
– Firebreaks & Access Lanes
– Property, Fence, & Survey Lines
– Retention Ponds
– Trail & Path

Contact us for a free estimate to clear unwanted vegetation from a property. 

Emergency Storm Damage

Storms in Florida can have damaging effects on your property. When a storm rolls through your trees can pose a threat to your home and property.  Branches, debris and even whole trees can be scattered throughout your yard or onto structures in no time.   

When disaster strikes, trust the professionals at Sampson Tree Service to quickly help restore your property back to normal.  It is also wise to do preventative trimming and thinning of hardwood trees or remove dead hanging palm fronds before storm season starts. 

Contact us to schedule a free estimate. 

Debris Hauling

Sampson has the necessary equipment and experience to handle any debris hauling project you encounter.  We have provided hauling services for landscape debris, construction debris, and even wooden pallets. 

In addition, we have the capability to shred bulk materials on site.  This can significantly reduces the cost and time associated with hauling the debris.

Contact us to schedule and on-site evaluation so we can provide you a free estimate based on the amount of debris.

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Tree Removal