Sampson Tree Service is equipped and ready to assist you with your residential, commercial, or municipal property trees before and after a storm or strong wind situation.

Before a storm we recommend the removal of dead and broken limbs, cutting branches back from the roof, and thinning of canopies.  In a strong wind situation:

  • Dead and broken limbs have the potential to become flying debris which could cause damage to property.
  • Branches that hang over and/or touch roofs may cause unnecessary roof damage.
  • A canopy that has not been thinned do not allow the air to flow through as well and making the tree less stable. 

Therefore, taking the recommended actions before a strong wind situation occurs reduces the chance of hazards and limits potential liability.

After the hurricane or storm, we can assess tree damage, create a plan of action, and swiftly take action to get any trees or debris issues on your property remedied.

In addition we offer emergency response services which will have a representative on your property within 24 hours after the storm passes, even if phone and internet services are not available.

Sampson Tree Service provides tree removal services to commercial, municipal, and residential properties along the eastern coast of South & Central Florida. This includes the Treasure Coast, Space Coast, Gold Coast, and the surrounding areas.

We are fully licensed & insured and safety for your safety and ours!

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