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Sampson Tree Service provides reliable and professional tree trimming, tree removal, stump grinding, lot clearing, bush hogging, forestry mulching, mangrove maintenance, environmental, debris hauling, storm preparation, and a variety of other services to residential, commercial, and municipal properties in South and Central Florida.

We employ experienced and knowledgeable professionals so that our crews can provide a service that conforms to standards and meets our customers' expectations.


Sampson Tree Service Forestry Mulching


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Forestry mulching is a cost-effective method of land clearing in which one piece of equipment is used to cut, grind, and clear vegetative material. Utilizing this method to clear land eliminates the need to use multiple pieces of equipment (bulldozers, grinders, woodchippers, etc…) and the expense of hauling away or disposing of the vegetation that is removed.

A forestry mulcher or brush cutter has a rotary drum with steel blades which shreds all the vegetation on spot leaving a protective layer of mulch. The mulch left behind helps prevent soil erosion, acts as a fire buffer, and will suppress the growth of weeds and grasses for a period of time. Overtime the mulch will breakdown helping to raise PH levels and lower soil acidity which can aid with pasture restoration.

If you are interested in forestry mulching services for a property, the experts at Sampson Tree Service would be happy to meet you on site, discuss the service, and provide you with a free estimate for our forestry mulching services. Contact Us if you are interested in learning more about these services or would like to have one of our experts meet you on site.

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