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Sampson Tree Service provides reliable and professional tree trimming, tree removal, stump grinding, lot clearing, bush hogging, forestry mulching, mangrove maintenance, environmental, debris hauling, storm preparation, and a variety of other services to residential, commercial, and municipal properties in South and Central Florida.

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Sampson Tree Service Environmental Services


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Florida has multiple land types in which maintenance is regulated by state or local government guidelines. Many of these guidelines require that invasive plant materials (noxious weeds) be removed on a regular basis while still preserving the native species in their existing state. Some of the land types that there are guidelines for include but are not limited to:

Uplands: Lands that have an elevation above the mean high-water line. These lands can include, but are not limited to, hardwood & pine forests, prairies, rangelands, and rock lands.

Wetlands: Lands that have an elevation which sits below the mean high-water line. These lands are saturated by surface water for durations of time that support vegetation which grow in saturated soils.

Preserves: Geographical areas being maintained in their natural state for the protection of animals and plants.

Sampson Tree Service has the knowledge to ensure that maintenance of these lands is done in accordance with government guidelines and ordinances.Contact Us today to get a free estimate for maintaining an environmental area.

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