Mangrove Services

Mangroves are an important ecological component in Florida. They serve as a nursery for fish and their dense underground roots help bind soils.   Plus, their above ground roots slow water flows which promotes sediment deposits and minimizes coastal erosion.

There are three types of native mangroves in Florida: red, black, and white. Each species reacts differently to trimming and if done incorrectly can result in their death.

Because of their importance, mangroves are protected by Florida Statute 403, which regulates their maintenance and removal. These regulations often require a permit be obtained for mangrove work.  Additionally, removal permits require that the work be done by a PMT (Professional Mangrove Trimmer).

The professionals at Sampson Tree Service have the equipment and personnel to handle any mangrove situation.  We also have the knowledge to ensure that mangrove work we do complies with statutes and promotes maximum health.

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