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Sampson Tree Company provides efficient and effective tree trimming, tree removal, stump grinding, lot clearing, debris hauling, tree storm preparation, swale lining, and firewood services to residential, commercial, and municipal customers in South and Central Florida.

We employ multiple certified arborists so that our crews can deliver a tree service that conforms to the standardized criteria for the specific tree(s) being serviced.


Sampson Tree Company Stump Grinding


stump grinding

When a tree falls or is removed you may be left with an unattractive tree stump which has the potential of becoming a home for termites/pests, interfering with surrounding structures, damaging lawn mowers, and could become a hazard to people walking in the area.

Stump Grinding is a process in which a rotating blade machine is used to grind the tree stump to a few inches below the surrounding ground by chipping the stump into little pieces. The resulting chips may be used as mulch or ground cover.

Sampson Tree Company is prepared to grind any stump in any location. We currently house 5 commercial grade stump grinders, ranging in size and allowing us to navigate through any opening and grind up to a 5' wide by 3' tall stump into shavings in minutes!

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